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December 15, 2019

Selfie wrist

this has recently been described and attributed to excessive use of mobile devices including phones . Although theoretically possible this would be so difficult to prove as other relevant factors would be difficult to control.  

December 11, 2019

Platelet Rich Plasma

There is a lot of interest in the relatively new and emerging area of biologics – plasma rich protein (PRP). It has been made ‘fashionable‘ by the likes of Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods. The healing of damaged, injured or inflamed tissues involves a complex inflammatory / healing response. Platelets

December 11, 2019

TFCC Tears

TFCC (triangular fibrocartilaginous complex) tears are relatively common but not all are symptomatic. They can be caused by twisting injuries (tennis players) and present with pain on the ulnar aspect of the wrist.The majority of TFCC tears will not require any surgical treatment and will setlle down with minimal treatment.