Hand Therapy

This is specialised physiotherapy for the hand. The focus is on:

-reducing pain

-reducing stiffness

-improving swelling

The hand therapist is useful pre- and post-operatively or when the patient has not had surgery. They work closely with the surgeon to achieve the best outcomes.


These can be custom made by the hand therapist using thermoplastic materials. They can be reheated and position changed to accommodate changes in hand range of movement etc. Your surgeon will advise you regarding the length of tume to wear the splint, or when to eg night-time.


Coban taping can be useful in reducing swelling. Miss Umarji may discuss this with you.


Hot/Cold treatment

The hand therapist may use this modality to improve hand function.



Desensitisation Excercises

This is to reduce sensitivity around a scar usually. It involves touching , caressing the affected part and using different textures applied eg Velcro/fabrics etc to ‘desensitise’ the hand.


Post-operative Hand Therapy

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